Rolf Zimmermann

Rolf Zimmermann is German kite designer and maker.  His website is RZ-Kites where you can find some fantastic creatures.  As one of our favourite designer/makers, we’ve built up quite a collection including a few special ones.

One of our go to kites for many of our early kite flying years was the purple owl.  Designed by Rolf but built under licence by Gomberg Kites.  The Premier orange lobster is also one made elsewhere but we’ve since bought ones made by Rolf.  In fact the two new owls were made to our colour specifications after many patient hours spent messaging Rolf back and forth.  His advice on the resulting colours really says a lot of his knowledge and expertise.  

Sally the green seahorse was one of the early ones designed to fly as a kite on its own.  We believe many of the later ones need a pilot.