St Annes Beach Sports 2022

The St Anne’s Beach Sports event was run on St Anne’s beach on 26th/27th March 2022.  On the kiting side there was already a weekend for 2 and 4 liners organised by Mark Jones with Craig and Sue from SmileFactor10 coming in to pull together all the other fliers for what turned out to be a superb weekend.  Wind forecasts for Saturday and Sunday were dropping through the week and indeed both days started with only a light breeze.  However the wind did come and everyone put on a super display with the space well organised to ensure everyone had decent room.  We had debuts for our cuttlefish and 2 PL fish as well as a newly built 7m sea lion designed by Bernhard Dingwerth.  What a great weekend’s flying.

Sarah’s video from the weekend is on YouTube