Portsmouth 2021

The Portsmouth Kite Festival arranged by Jon and Gill Bloom was held on 7th and 8th August 2021.  We were really honoured to be invited back to fly at Portsmouth especially as we were last there 11 years ago (the year of the dinosaur).  It was especially great to meet up with lots of old friends after such a long time but also as this was the first major festival anywhere in the UK for 2 years.  
After a long journey down to the South coast we looked forward to a weekend of flying although were concerned about the weather forecast leading up to the festival as predictions of high winds, rain and even thunderstorms were on the cards.  Well we certainly got wind – lots of it – and at times heavy downpours but thankfully no lightning.  We even got our fair share of blue sky and lengthy dry patches.  Given the conditions I thought everyone put on a great display.
Seeing everyone after so long was as much a highlight of the weekend as was the kite flying.  Here’s hoping our journey back to kiting normality starts at Portsmouth.  We’re certainly looking forward to returning.
Sarah also produced the following video from the event