Fylde 2002

The Fylde Kite festival organised by the Flying Circus took place at St Annes, Lancashire on 1st/2nd June 2002. A Festival of two days. Saturday’s weather was great – sunny, hot and a decent wind for flying. Sunday’s weather was abysmal – Thunderstorms and torrential rain made the beach look like the tide had come in. We thoroughly enjoyed the Saturday though helping out the guys from Flying Circus. St Annes has plenty of room for single and sports kites as well as the power and traction people. Evolver (Carl and James Robertshaw) gave a great display in the afternoon as did the European Kite Gallery. Not forgetting our first foray into launching a single liner in the arena. A little bit nerve racking as it was also the first flight of the Snowflake we’d just built. Saturday evening saw an auction at which I got lots of stick for trying to out bid a seven year old (sorry Ben).