The Hatchling 2021

The Hatchling was performed on Sunday 29th August 2021 but photos include the Friday and Saturday practice/rehearsal days. We were privileged to have been able to be part of the Hatchling performance which took place on Plymouth Hoe and was organised by Trigger Stuff, Carl Robertshaw and Stephen Hoath all of whom put on an amazing achievement in getting everything up and running again so smoothly after the change of date.

Wow, what an amazing experience. Any nerves we had about joining an established team were quickly swept away, we were welcomed and walked through everything and things quickly became clearer.  It really was a huge team effort and we thank the amazing kite team so much who made us feel welcome and guided us through this crazy weekend. It was great to work alongside old and new friends and hopefully we’ll get to do it again one day!

I won’t ever forget the roar and cheers from the audience when she took off or the cheering and clapping from the puppeteers when we transferred her from the land anchors to the boat – again fantastic teamwork and thank you for stepping up and helping us when needed.
Sarah made a film from our weekend. We weren’t able to take pics or film of the transformation or flight as we were a little busy waiting patiently or holding onto kite line so we’ve included a few at the end from Dom Moore (Trigger Stuff’s photographer) – thank you for allowing us to use them.