St Annes 2018

The St Anne’s International Kite Festival was held on the evening of 31st August and 1st and 2nd September 2018.  We travelled over early on the Friday so we could get parked up on the beach for the night fly and wow was that worth it.  Flying both maxi gecko and manta through to the sunset and beyond only bringing them down after the firework show.  We didn’t think last year could be beaten…..but is was.

Saturday was the blue sky day although the wind dwindled down to nothing mid-afternoon.  Everybody put on one heck of a display though.  There were some great maxi inflatables at our side of the pier and it looked pretty good on the other side as well.  Sunday also saw the wind drop but it picked up towards the end of the afternoon so out came the manta for the last hour.  That said it was actually longer than that as we didn’t want to go home.

Once again everybody’s efforts in organising the festival were fantastic and our thanks go out to them.  Here’s to next year.