The kite site of Peter & Sarah Bindon


Welcome to our website

Flying kites is our main hobby.  We started flying kites a number of years ago when we came across the Fylde Kite Festival at St Annes a couple of miles away from where we lived at the time in Blackpool.  We bought a dual line kite from the Highwaymen not realising this was the start of something that would take over part of our lives.

We’re members of the Midlands Kite Fliers, Northern Kite Group and North East Kite Fliers, attending many festivals throughout the year across the length of breadth of the UK and beyond into Europe when we can.

Our passion is all things kites, but in the main we fly inflatable display kites.  We’ve included a gallery of the contents of our Kite Bag on the website.  We’ve even been known to make the odd kite or two in the past including Desmond, a 5m long inflatable dinosaur and an 8m Where’s Wally!

Enjoy the website.  We’ve combined our kiting life with our love for photography so you’ll see plenty of pictures in our Festival Reports section from the many festivals and fly-ins we’ve attended over the years.  We know these galleries are popular with fellow kiters so keep an eye on the What’s New page to see when a new event gallery has been added.

Peter & Sarah Bindon