Welcome to our website.

Its main purpose is to reflect some of our hobbies.  We spend an awful lot of time involved in the world of kites.  Most weekends through the middle part of the year is spent at a kite festival, fly-in or display.  The section on kites combines with our love of photography and we’ve built up a collection of photographs from the events we have attended over the years.  We know these galleries are popular with fellow kiters so feel free to keep an eye out for changes to the What’s New page which will update you when a new festival report has been added.

We’ve taken many photographs over the years, having previously been involved at a camera club level.  We’ve been running a weekly photoblog since the beginning of 2008 which can be accessed through the photography section.

Finally there’s a section on the Bindon family tree.  I’ve spent many hours investigating records and have built up a lot of information about my ancestors.  I am slowly transferring much of that on our website.

Peter & Sarah Bindon